Run For The Well Of It

5K Charity Fun Run: Raising Money for Lifewater International


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Help raise money and awareness for the global need for clean accessible water. Help Lifewater International's goal of eliminating waterborne diseases by participating in Run For The Well Of It! We can make a difference!

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Run For The Well Of It!

5K Charity Fun Run for Lifewater International

Lifewater International

Our Mission

The global water crisis is real. After going on medical and dental volunteer trips to Argentina, Jamaica and Mexico, Shelby and I have seen first hand how people are affected by lack of clean, accessible water. That is why we chose Lifewater International as our charity of choice for this race. Clean water is taken for granted here since it's just a facet turn away. Out in the rural, poverty stricken places around the globe water, carrying waterborne diseases, can be dangerous. People will resort to drinking soda and juices that are cheaper than bottled water but contain alarmingly high amounts of sugar which can eventually lead to an array of dental and health problems. Lifewater International's strategy works through their WASH programs. Not only do they provide clean and easy accessible water by building wells, but they also teach basic hygiene techniques and promote sanitary living conditions such as building latrines and teaching proper disposal of items that may contaminate water.

Lifewater International is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating waterborne diseases and making water accessible all over the globe. For more information about Lifewater International, click on the link below

$15 Race fee (includes shirt) if you sign up before April 5th

$20 Race fee for day of race sign up.

*Shirts will be ordered 2 weeks before the race (March 21st). If you want to ensure you will receive your shirt the day of the race please consider this when you sign up. If you sign up later than this date, shirts will still be ordered for you but will not be done in time for the race. Once available, you will be notified. Extra shirts will be ordered for the day of the race but in order to maximize our donation and minimize the costs there will not be many extras. 

Race Costs:

Meet Our Team

Caroline Cardenas

From Helena, Montana. Junior Biology/Pre-Med major at Carroll College. Has been on a dental outreach trip with MDOT to Argentina and a medical mission trip to Mexico through International Service Learning.

Shelby Kramer

From Billings, Montana. Senior Biology/Pre-med Major at Carroll College. Has been on a medical mission trip to Jamaica through International Service Learning.